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  • unitnews: Sky Viewing Figures Slump
    Bit of an own goal then for Sky who once again misunderstand who their viewers are and the extent of their loyalty. They're probably expecting Virgin viewers to switch but since most of them are on broadband, they'll be looking online instead.
  • the f-word: Loosing at football = watching gang rape
    No, no, and please Tom Duncan from the Newham Recorder, no. It must be difficult coming up with good footballing metaphores week in and out, but really this is very wrong and you should be ashamed.
  • Mystery Man on Film: Script Review - Transformers
    Less than complimentary and about what I expected. People are not going to transformers for human stories. They're going to see Transformers. Did you actually read the comic book or watch the cartoon?
  • Mssv: Fire Alert at Heathrow
    "People looked up quizzically; was this real? Most people decided not to take any chances and began to collect their bags and look around for the nearest green sign. This was hastened when shop staff started closing up."
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