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  • My Boring Ass Life » Hail Britannia: U.K., I’m coming your way!
    Of course it's great that Kevin likes coming to the UK -- but do you think there's a chance he might travel outside the M25 next time? Liverpool would welcome him -- the FACT centre's a pretty good venue ...
  • Javno: Jean Baudrillard Dies At 77
    One of the minds I consulted last year whilst I was writing my dissertation, particularly his work on post-modern society. Always lucid, if not easy to read. To paraphrase him -- life is only really a simulation of freedom.
  • BBC Press Office: Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars
    Yes, everyone, it's a remake of 'The Baker Street Boys' although the casting suggests Holmes and Watson are going to be writ much larger in this version.
    The original Baker Street Boys.
  • Used and New: Tom Dick and Harry
    I don't know which is odder -- that someone at Amazon made up this film while they were probably testing some database update -- or that Marketplace sellers are claiming to be selling copies ...
  • The Secret Of Roan Inish [1994]
    One of the films I inevitably forgot to write about in Forgotten Film February is belatedly coming out on dvd. One of the best kids films ever made and heartwarming/breaking for adults too.
  • BBC NEWS Nick Robinson's Newslog: Beware of source speculation
    Nick blogs the injunction: "What is interesting is to see how cautious some papers are and how brave (reckless?) others have been."
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