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  • filmlog: Just Like Heaven (2005)
    An old fashioned film which seems to have been shot on about three sets, this is a classic case of a good cast and direction not quite being able to gloss over a poorly structured wandering script that doesn't make the most of its premise.
  • filmlog: The Libertine (2005)
    I think the wikipedia entry says it all: 'WARNING: This movie contains a scene with dildos being used in an explicit non-nude fashion.' It's a while since I've seen a film photographed with such painterly attention to detail. Just wonderful.
  • filmlog: The House of Mirth (2000)
    Gillian Anderson sparkles in the central role of Lily Bart in a kind of anti-costume drama demonstrating that actually in most of these things, no matter the apparent jeopardy it could be much, much worse. Takes a long time going about it though.
  • filmlog: Yes (2004)
    Sally Potter's iambic pentameter experiment injects even more lyricism in a film that's far greater than the sum of it's parts, infusing a story of infidelity with commentary on east-west politics. Shirley Henderson's to camera asides are genius.
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