Visited Manchester

Life I spent the day in Manchester today just to spend the day in Manchester. I've missed the journey since leaving university sometimes it's just nice to be able stroll about a different city. Visited Vinyl Exchange for Norah Jones, All Saints and Astrid Williamson albums. Visited Stationary Box to see if there were any bargains before they close for good. Bought some batteries.

Visited the art gallery for the Sophie MacCorquodale's exhibition. Waiting for the day is a group of short films made in and around Rhyl in North Wales, the most effective being a simply documentary about the Labour club which demonstrates the shift in how local people are being entertained. The manager emphasises that what he's trying to do is provide a safe environment for older people to socialise in away from the 'discos' which are filled with younger people.

Visited the Cornerhouse to see the aforementioned. It really benefits a fairly unheralded film like Orchestra Seats to be seen on a big screen and as far as I can tell only the Cornerhouse locally that would (a) show somthing like that and (b) show it on their main screen. The cinema has a scheme in which chairs can be sponsored and the seat in front of my favourite spot contains a plaque in which a family memorializes a lifelong cinema fan. I'd like to think that some day someone would do something like that for me.

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