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  • Wikipedia: Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car
    Complete list of celebs who've taken part in the popular Top Gear segment. Just the sort of thing the wikipedia was made for.
  • the f-word: High School girls suspended for saying “vagina”
    It's not clear why the school took the decision to ban that word in particular, and exactly what word the teacher is supposed to say in biology class when the subject is taught. I'm not sure that pointing is appropriate.
  • Advertising Age: Hachette Axes Another U.S. Title: 'Premiere'
    Very sad. 'Premiere' was frequent buyer until I had the internet inspired cull, but for ages it was the only way in the uk to hear about US films months in advance. In you are in the US, I'd suggest you subscribe to Sight & Sound as an alternative.
  • BFI | Sight & Sound | The International Film Magazine
    Don't get me wrong, its style and content is a million miles away from Premiere but I think the breadth of coverage is somewhat similar. Premiere is apparently continuing as an online brand which seems like a sop to me. Look what happened to the still much missed 'Yahoo Internet Life!'
  • Kristine Lowe: France bans non-journalists from recording acts of violence
    Essentially makes the distinction between someone who's being paid to be a journalist and the rest of us -- so basically the Rodney King film would be illegal under these terms. Nice one, very progressive.
  • Slashdot: 20 Must-have Firefox Extensions
    Link to a computerworld article brings many great user suggestions. Although given that my install got so bunged up I had to start from scratch I'm not sure how many are all that necessary.
  • IGN: SXSW 07: Linklater's Next DVD
    One of Richard Linklater's forgotten films, Suburbia is to be released on dvd. I managed to grab a pan/scan copy later at night last year and can really recommend it for its laid back approach to everything.
  • Down The Tubes: Writing Commando: The Ten Year Veteran
    Sean Blair writes about working anonymously for ten years on 'Commando' the action war comic that always seem to be available although you're never sure who's reading it.
  • Jayne's World: Among other things, an embarrassing confession (please cover your eyes if you're musically sensitive)
    "Also saw Claire Danes in my local Tesco. We both did a double take and then walked on." The most famous person I've seen in my local Tesco was Sonia from The Hit Factory which isn't quite the same thing.
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