Liverpool Blogs

Liverpool Life I suppose the cat is out of the bag. Prompted by a conversation with Ian and Pete the other night, and inspired by Kate, I've set up a new blog dedicated to highlighting the Liverpool blogging scene. I've called it Liverpool Blogs and I don't think there's anything like it in the area yet other than a page at the Liverpool Echo covering the writers in their network.

The real focus is the blogroll, trying to make that as comprehensive as possible, and for now the main content will be driven by introducing each of the blogs in turn and highlighting some of there content. I'm somewhat in uncharted waters and don't know were it could lead but fingers crossed and I hope it will develop into something really useful and inspiring.


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Who are Ian, Pete and Kate ?

  2. Anonymous5:52 pm

    You are described by Kate on her webblog as an honoury Manc. Being from Liverpool, do you take that as an insult ?

  3. Hey Stu

    Really annoyed. I wrote you a whole long response to the city planning sess you went to yesterday & it's *disappeared* as I was sending it. Doh!

    Have you had a look at Brighton Bloggers? Kinda the same thing, don't go out into uncharted waters without a nearby dingy/binoculars/kiwi fruit....

    Good luck !
    A xx

  4. Amy: I'll have a look at that for inspiration.

    Jack: Not at all because it has a ring of truth about it. All through my life I've gravitated to the city and last year I was sort of a Manchester blogger since I was at uni there.