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  • filmlog: Panic Room (2002)
    Surprisingly conventional Hitchcock-wannabe from David Fincher that's gripping for much of its duration before losing its was in the third act. Mostly saved by the performances particularly from Jodie Foster who doesn't make enough films.
  • Behind the Sofa: Fart gags, sex swaps and non-fans.
    I don't know if it'll still look like that by Saturday but the special Red Nose Day 'look' is fantastic. Nice one Damon.
  • is 9 years old today (
    Congratulations Jason. I hadn't realised it was so long...
  • Big Red Cheese
    John's writing a 'Captain Marvel' film: "In my head, the movie’s called Captain Marvel, but for legal reasons, it will almost certainly be some variation on Shazam! [...] the hero isn’t a Captain, and doesn’t live in the Marvel universe."
  • Cinematical: Will 'Man Eating a Baby,' Other Scenes Get Grindhouse An NC-17?
    Once again the population of America are treated like children. Violence? Yes! Sex! Nooo!
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