"I hope you land on your forehead" -- Liam, talking to Sam, 'Big Brother 2007'

TV Big Brother 8 completed tonight with a result that no one was surprised by. I'm happy that Brian won, Samanda were second and Liam was third since they seemed to be the most normal least affected house mates of the bunch, the one least likely to have a game plan or wanting to cause a fight just for the fun of it. I haven't really watched this year's series what with the Proms and deciding after the fourth series that I couldn't be bothered but I have picked up the vibes as usual through osmosis from headlines, flicking through the channels late at night and the fact it was always on in the living room when I passed through. But have seen enough to hate Charley, quite like Chanelle really (particularly after seeing her bow action) and marvel at the churn of inmate this year (twenty-three altogether) slightly nostalgic for the days when the sole appearance of Claire Strutton in the first series (replacing Nasty Nick Bateman) was a novelty.

Craig, Brian, Kate, Cameron, Nadia, whoever won six, Pete, now Brian -- sometimes it’s a doorway to a new career, be it as a columnist in a Scottish newspaper commenting on subsequent series, presenting or DJing gigs, other times it’s a recipe for obscurity and all depending upon your performance during the actual series and if your face fits afterwards. Big Brother is never an automatic entry into the entertainment world. Fixating slightly on one of the central tussles, the cleverest housemate was probably Chanelle, leaving the house the same weekend as her arch rival Charley, somehow picking the moment when the interest in her and Zak’s couple was at its peak and stealing all of her limelight. That girl’s still doing the rounds of the front covers whilst Charley has already hit some relative obscurity, possibly because she looked like she’d be a nightmare to work with, arguing herself into then out of work.

I think her embryonic career suicide moment was during Big Brother’s Little Brother when she was sent up to Gateshead to talk to the locals and the package shown during the show was edited to present all of her fluffs and strops and bizarre memory lapses (such as where she was actually standing). At the return to the studio and an interview with Dermot O’Leary, Charley was evidently annoyed and seething and clearly thinking she’d been stitched up and clearly she had.
‘I thought you’d use my best bits.’ she said quietly but at no point gave an indication that she could see the funny side or was taking it on the chin or had the ability to twist the situation to her advantage, all qualities required in the profession she was obviously aspiring to. Apparently some producers are looking to work a new show around her anyway. Good luck to them …

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