"I'm difficult." "You're challenging." -- Sally then Harry, 'When Harry Met Sally'

Meme Apparently this is just a girl's thing, but since I'm on a sugar rush after drinking two cups of cocoa here are we have:

Ten Things you Like about Yourself

(1) Have an enquiring mind and I never take things at face value. Sometimes I know this can make me a cynical sausage and I have a tendency to over complicate everything but it does mean I never believe everything I read.

(2) I’m polite. Please. Thank you. Hold doors open. Stand up on busses for old people and pregnant women, the whole business.

(3) I’m a geek and proud of it.

(4) I’m a fast learner, particularly when computers are involved. Even though I hate them. No really. I’m as luddite as they come.

(5) I’m a liberal.

(6) My nose. I have a good strong well defined nose. Pity everything else is in such a mess.

(7) I’m a good listener and apparently good at giving advice too because …

(8) I’m a good problem solver. Given time and a moment to think.

(9) I can communicate, I think, at least via the keyboard, especially if I have something to say.

(10) I have an excellent memory but also a wonderful ability to bluff if that vital piece of information (like who it is I’m talking to and where I know them from) isn’t to hand to straight away.

[Thanks Hira!]

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