"What exists on the site is a mirror image of what exists in real life." -- Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

Facebook ... and the perils of prodigious sociability. Meg Pickard on knowing who your real friends are: "There’s something about Facebook which encourages possibly ill-advised blind over-information, to the point that (via status updates, photos, relationship updates and more) I now know when people’s personal circumstances change from being “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” (never a good sign) or “single” (and I never know what to say - “sorry”? “congratulations”?); whether they’re looking for “anything they can get” (which sounds sinister, somehow) or just “friends”; when they go out and get pissed (and the drunken facebook wall-to-wall conversations they have when under the influence); their religious and political views (and I’m actually quite surprised, in some cases); the terrible haircut they had when they were at university plus what they looked like on their wedding day; how they feel at any particular moment and perhaps nosiest of all, who else they know."
Also from 2004: The Face Behind thefacebook.com: Exclusive Interview With Mark Zuckerberg


  1. The thing I was REALLY disappointed by was when my ex-boyfriend removed me as a friend.

    a) he beat me to it by probably about 5 minutes

    b) there was NO commentary on facebook to announce this fact!

    "Amy Riley and xx are no longer friends."

    God, without sounding mean-hearted, I'd been waiting for that moment such a long time.

  2. Yes! And you should have to say why you're no longer friends. An old school friend recently de-friended me and I've no idea why ...