"I know Johnny. I know you want me so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But, not this time. " -- Bodhi, 'Point Break'

Film Abby Lee channels the spirit of Laura Mulvey: "Point Break also made me question why so few films objectified men: perhaps this was related to the fact that most movies are directed by men? Knowing that Point Break was directed by a woman (the terribly under-rated Kathryn Bigelow) confirmed it to me: if we want the female perspective on-screen, we need more female directors to portray it. This was the movie that first propelled me to seek a career in the film industry, so you could say that it had a serious affect on me."

See also: Laura Mulvey, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema or everything you ever wanted to know about the gaze, and her other work, Afterthoughts on 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' inspired by Duel in the Sun which looks at it from the female perspective Abby's talking about.

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