Comics I'll write about my new DC Comics obsession some other time (isn't Identity Crisis great? Isn't it though?) but for now here's a useful article about retconing and the headaches thereof, inspired by the increasingly bizarre Spiderman incident but take in the sights throughout the con-iverse including The Legion of Superheroes:
I've been pulling from Legion history for a lot of this, because... well, because they're kind of the perfect example. Moving from the Levitz version of the classic Legion to the Giffen/Bierbaum version of the retconned Legion and then the Post-Zero Hour Rebooted Legion gave us a chance to see almost all of these retcons in practice, and in the long run they were almost all disastrous.
I thought the Whoniverse was inconsistent until I saw what had been going on with DC for decades. How can fans keep up with their favourite characters when their origin stories and status quo keep changing every three or four years?

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