"Nothing last forever." - Deacon Blue, 'I Was Right And You Were Wrong'

Life Hello all. Hope you're having a good bank holiday Monday. They do go very quickly these days, these days. Just in case you're wondering, Thursday was the council elections again, and the usual fifteen hours working as a poll clerk in a large room with a random stranger went off without a hitch, despite but probably because of the low turnout. Boris Johnson. The floppy haired fool. Even though he's the new mayor of London it still seems like a human failure of logical that will effect the whole country. It can only add to the momentum which'll lead to the Tories returning to power. People are inherently silly and have very short memories. Don't you remember what they were like last time? You'd rather have that than this? I spent Friday dealing with the lack of sleep from Thursday. Saturday night spent at pub for Chris's birthday. Sunday evening spent at wrong pub because a quiz at the right one didn't happen due to a wedding reception having been booked there. That's me caught up. What have you being doing?

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