"You were so cruel and I hated being your fool..." -- Patty Griffin, 'Time Will Do The Talking'

Communication Finally had a chance to use Facebook's new chat service last night. It was only a quick try-out -- I wanted to ask Chris something about someone, he happened to be online and the question was answered very quickly. And that's the point -- it was fast -- simply look at the list of friends who might by using the site at that moment, click the icon and initiate. No messing about with Trillian or any of the chat software, no needing to know someone's user id or ICQ number. The name is simply there, a button press away.

I'm impressed.

I haven't used chat software in years, largely because I tend to like to write in sentences which isn't very conducive to chat. All too often someone would butt in mid sentence to ask if I was still there. But on this basis of this I'm thinking of trying again.

Of course, tonight, when I'm in the mood, "No one is available to chat."


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