Poetry Alicia Goranson (one of the Beckys from the sitcom Rosanne) hasn't posted to her blog since 2006 but has just these past few weeks begun posting some poetry. Taking into account that like most people, everything I know about verse (that isn't by one man and written four hundred years ago) I learned at school before failing A-level English, it's actually very good. So good in fact it's put me in the mood to inflict some of my own on you, from back in the day -- 13th March 1996 -- to be exact.
"Something New

He reached out
to touch her,

Away, she
pulled, from him,

He spoke to
her calmly.

Screaming, her
voice cracked.

He smiled.

She shouted.

He ...

She ...

She reaches out
to touch him,

He holds out
his hand and
grips hers.

She speaks to
him calmly.

Laughing, his
voice cracks.

She smiles.

He weeps.

She ...

He ....
See. What do I know about poetry? I really need a muse. You do know what the promised BIG REVELATION was during the tail end of Mystery Music don't you?

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