links for 2008-07-23

April's Fools Day...Everyday
Office prank fun."Post-its covering every single nook and cranny of a corner office!"

Flash Minesweeper.
Nope, still can't play it. Even with the help of others.

Enough is Enough! One Woman Takes a Stand Against Coffee Shops That Play Really Loud Music
"To be sure, coffee shops in Brooklyn and beyond have long been known for the lively and unpredictable music played—an idiosyncratic soundtrack that may run contrary to the time of day or personal tastes of many of its clientele. But Atkinson decided the day was too important to her and she needed to take measures into her own hands. “I wasn’t even thinking about it. I just walked over to the guy behind the counter with the plaid shirt and discs in his ears,” she says, referring to Irwin. “And I asked him if I could give him $20 to turn it off.”

al gore knows

I knew the moment she stepped onto the metro, she was going to sit right next to me.
This happens to me almost every day. I really need a haircut.

Advertising loses some of its voice
"Ad breaks may no longer be louder than the transmissions in which they appear."

Paul Westerberg Sells 44-Minute MP3 for 49 Cents
"Westerberg played everything on 49:00 himself, according to Billboard, which asked his manager Darren Hill about the offer. "It's just wonderful that you can actually do this," said Hill. "The freedom an artist can enjoy these days is fantastic. Can you imagine me pitching this idea to a label?"

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  1. The Westerberg download is a great idea, but doesn't seem to be available in the UK. I'm tempted to BitTorrent it, and send PW a dollar in the post.