links for 2008-07-26

France's first lady also first in record sales
Carla Bruni's album tops French album chart. Quelle suprise.

Insurrection at the Proms?
Mark Mardell on the clapping between movements which has been happening at the Proms lately. There has been some sushing too here and there, but he's right, in some cases the process he offers is bang on. Personally I'm more annoyed by the rampant cough which can be heard throughout the movements, which totally ruined the Debussy the other night. Perhaps there should be taps installed on the back of every seat. But then of course, people would be rushing to the toilet.

The balcony is closed
Roger Ebert on leaving At The Movies though apparently they're taking their thumbs elsewhere. It's a pity that the brief experiment in the nineties to bring to show to these shores wasn't perceived with -- it was certainly useful to get the perspective of critics from the US on films from their own shores which flood our market.

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  1. Great piece by Ebert. I've been watching "At the Movies" for years and I'm going to be really sad to see Disney morph it into something else.

    BTW, I think you can watch the current incarnation of the show online: