links for 2008-07-25

Stylish sleeve for the R1 dvd release of the 60s Casino Royale.
Awful film but look at the curves.

Square Peggy
Interview with Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men: “She’s Jack Lemmon, she’s Ernest Borgnine in Marty, the one who is stepped on a little bit and has a really good heart,” Moss tells me. “You want her to succeed, you want her to do well. She’s definitely very ambitious, the way a lot of us are, but the last thing she would do is trample anyone to get to the top.”

The X-Files: I Want To Believe: 4% @ Metacritic
General consensus seems to be that's its essentially an overextended, terribly average episode of the tv show, though I'm keeping the faith. After all, Ebert likes it.

The Dateable Dork realises she fancies other dorks.
Oh the humanity.

Breaking the Modernist Mold
In Norway, modernist architecture is something which is venerated rather than demolished: "One must remember that for centuries the Nordic countries have had one big difference from most other European countries, and that is the use of wood as building material. All architectural ways of thinking, whether it is the Baroque, neoclassicism, or modernism, have been interpreted in the wooden architecture."

A Dog Called Faith
Bipedal canine. Expect large feature in the Metro next week.

Go Superlambanana, go.
I've posted about them at Mefi. Gosh, they're snarky in those parts these days. Good puns though.

This is an ad for LA Natural History Museum
Amazing footage of a dinosaur loose in the entrance area [related].

Stormtroopers on the underground

Obama woos Europe
Mark Mardell's commentary on last night's speech, which was simply captivating. I'd be interested to know what US readers thought. Like this.

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