"We adore chaos because we love to produce order." --M. C. Escher

Life Living up here surveying the city, there's not much winning in the summer. Its still windy, so opening a window isn't much of an option because the gusts howl through the flat slamming doors left and right. So the windows stay closed the heat stultifies. It's in today's humid conditions I decided to try reorganise my stuff, cds, books, kipple. After my life laundry, I've somehow managed to refill the gap with collections of things, on shelves, in bags, in boxes. I know that at some point, the mass of videos which sit unwatched will have to go the way of everything else, especially since even a duff transfer on dvd is better than the best that tape has to offer.

I managed to fill a bin bag in the end, nothing important, nothing I'll miss, but also in its taped from UK Gold quality not something I can do anything else with. Books were moved around, cds reshelved. CD pop singles ripped to computer now, shifted to less accessible places to make way for classical music which doesn't sound quite right from mp3. Shakespeare volumes moved too, complete works packed away since they're largely left unread. Room made for paperbacks, handy and light. Rest. More moving, more sweating. Then, finally at five o'clock I downed tools and surveyed my work and realised. After four hours work, I've managed to find an empty shelf. A single, lonely, empty shelf. Desperate for me to fill it ...

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