A boring post about hard disks.

Life Yesterday morning I meandered through the torrential rain and headed out to finally buy an external hard disk. When I originally bought this Dell PC, I had to do it with the budget I had at the time and ended up skimping on the disk space for a better processor and more memory. Twelve months later and the poor thing filled up with mainly music and photos and had slowed to a crawl Having shopped around for several months (I'm very thorough) I decided I wanted something big and that I didn't need it to be portable. In other words I wanted something like this, the Maxtor Basics 500GB External Hard Drive.

It's massive. I've copied all of the music and photos and a couple of other things on there and its only a quarter full, it's a seemingly bottomless pit, the storage equivalent of that hole which Indiana Jones had to walk across in The Last Crusade. There are larger -- a hundred pounds would have bought a terrabite, but I didn't want to be greedy, plus I had enough stress trying to justify spending sixty on something which simply to have somewhere else to store all of that girly music and soundtracks and podcasts. But there's no doubting that my desktop is faster, no longer grunting and wheezing as it attempts to work out exactly how I ended up with an S Club 7 Greatest Hits, something I'm not exactly clear about either.

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