Life As I've recently tweeted I'm currently having an issue with back pain. It began last night just before I went out and today it was excruciating. I think it's just general stiffness from sitting down instead of walking around a lot recently which is my fault but I don't think its anything more serious than that. It's felt a bit better in the past couple of hours but that could just be the Ibuprofen kicking in.

What it does mean is that I'm not in much of a mood to actually very much more than ironically lying down and watching a lot of sport. Excellent day at the pool, though it's a shame that one of my ones to watch James Goddard couldn't have got a better shot in the pool -- but he was rather stuck in the final with Michael Phelps so didn't really stand a chance. Still, another Olympic final in any career is no mean feat. Still Canoeist Lucy Wainright to go in the K1 500 beginning on Tuesday.

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