More on the mystery film reviewer

Film A quick update on yesterday's post: Caroline and Herb have been through the post-its and translated everything where possible. Thanks very much. I get the impression from their efforts that this is someone with a real sense of humour and also female, not just because of the handwriting but also their apparent love for Ethan Hawke.

There's also a stonking clue as to the writer's identity spotted by Herb. On the review for Exotica, our film fan says: "Discovered at Cegep with Serge Pallascio. A work of art, in my opinion." Herb, who's Canadian says "The Cegep mention leaves a big clue as to where the person is from. It's a post secondary part of the school system in Quebec. "

But here's where it gets really interesting: Serge Pallascio is a journalist, in Quebec, and according to this archive edition of the college newspaper from The University of British Columbia was arrested in 1970 during a governmental shut out. A bit more digging and we discover that he's still a freelancer variously writing for various magazines. Is he a friend of our mystery person or even a teacher who's also still writing on the side?

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