"But really, would you really want to do that to yourself, really?"

Body-Mod: Elf Ears
Yes really, and there's no denying that the effect is beautiful and strange. But really, would you really want to do that to yourself, really?

John Oliver analyses Fox News
To an extent this is like shooting fish in a teacup, but Oliver does manage to land a few good shots including the material about the change in editorial policy depending upon who's in the White House.

Soapy Scenes
Jane Espenson visits a soap set. The actual production methods still seem to resemble the BBC drama department from the fifties through to the late eighties.

Bravo, Gustavo
Indeed, last night's Prom was one of the best of the season. I've not been writing about this season much because I'm sorry to admit I haven't been enjoying it as much as last year. Too much Messian and a general lack of really passionate music as far as my ears can tell. Well, there's always this I suppose!


  1. This season of Proms have passed me by after the awful televising of the first night. I listened to a few on the radio and apart from a fantastic Vaughan Williams 4th symphony (made me reassess my thoughts on it) I've found most of them a bit unimaginative.
    I blame the new guy. I don't think he knows what he's doing...

  2. It just all seems like a poor cousin of last year. There have been a couple of concerts that I've actually switched off in the middle and I've taken to recording the BBC Four concerts to that I can watch them at the end of the season. The have also been a fair few *** reviews in The Guardian, far more than I remember there being last year.