And now a recipe.

Food And now a recipe. Whilst I was Christmas shopping in Chester yesterday I was thinking about omelettes. Just one of those random thoughts which rattles about inside your brain while you're deciding if someone will like the doo-dahs you're considering buying them (and I decided they would which is why I'm not spoiling it here). I thought about omlettes and potatoes and what they would be like together, and realised I must have tasted that before, but couldn't remember how. Last night I tried this: fried some onions, cooked some potatoes, added some ham then filled the cracks with a beaten egg. It worked out ok, but not quite, I tried flipping it and a mess ensued, like it had been disavowed and becoming an operative of the fu yung corporation.

Then I thought, this must have been done before. And it has. It's a frittata (or sorts), which even as I type I know sounds foolish since everyone else reading this blog is more food cultured than I am and already knew this. In a mood of practice makes perfect I had another go this lunch time, and this was the result:

I suppose it's a Breakfast Frittata.

2 large eggs
2 rashers of chopped smoked bacon
1 small chopped potato
1 small chopped tomato
1 quarter chooped onion
a couple of sliced mushrooms.

I've never written a recipe up here in all the seven odd years of writing, and I'm not sure how best to describe the process. But: I heated the pan and added little bit of butter and oil, remember the to put the former in before the latter so that it doesn't burn. I added the potato, let that cook until softer, though in truth it was probably a bit too hot and it burned around the edges a but. I added onion which softened after a while. I sliced the bacon too big, but the fat seeped out nicely anyway when I let them fry together. Added the mushrooms.

Fried some more. Added the tomato, and amazingly they didn't disintegrate. Let that warm together until everything looked pretty much done. Poured on the egg, though I don't know if I'd beaten it enough - as you can see, some of the white cook separately. Cooked some more. It was still liquid on top, so, and this is what I didn't do last night, I put it all under the grill. This is broiling, I discover after thirty four years on the planet, about twenty of which I should have cared. The top browns. Made sure the handle of the pan didn't melt. Then that was that.

Oddly enough I thought of adding a cheese topping, but I was already worried about the calories which were already in this monster and decided against it. It's nice. The egg absorbs some of the taste of the bacon and onion, but both still jump out when you find them in there, though it only really sings with a bit of salt. It is still basically an omelette with some potato in it, but I've always found omelettes a bit insubstantial, whereas this ... isn't. Apparently in Italy, the potato is often substituted with pasta. I'll try that next.


Miss America said...

Thanks for making me hungry. After reading this, I decided to make it.
No potatoes, (or other veg), so it was just scrambled eggs with thyme and dill with a bit of cheese on buttered bread.

But it was good.

Matthew Rudd said...

Christmas shopping? Before Hallowe'en?