Whatever happened to Ben the Boffin?

Debra Winger: The return of a class act
I missed Debra Winger, though as she says "I've been working all along, just not in things that interested you, obviously." Well yes, but they've also been on the other side of the planet.

Will this include the moment one morning on The Big Breakfast when Chris Evans was so pissed off with their constant interruptions he swore at them. Loudly. Whatever happened to Ben the Boffin?

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones present a solution to the global economic crisis.
Cue sudden and misguided wave of nostalgia for NY:LON, which, by the way is currently being prepped for a US remake, with Elisha Cuthbert as Edie. Point missed already I feel. I wonder if they'll manage to resolve any of the story problems with often spending half an episode simply getting one side of the couple to the other side of the pond.

For your ears only
Survey of the Bond songs that never were. I actually liked the Sheryl Crow Tomorrow Never Dies. It was certainly better than her bloody Wallflower album.

The Problem With Phileus Fogg
"This is no hero, Readership. This is a sociopath. Phileus Fogg is desperately unstable, unable to relate to the outside world in a normal fashion, and frankly seems one rash, ill-thought decision away from killing himself and taking his travelling companions with him."

Stephen Poliakoff's feature film 1939, featuring stellar line-up of UK's finest acting talent, starts shooting
The story is in the title, though David Tennant is in their in what looks like the Matthew Macfadyen or Rupert Penry Jones type role. Though quite how he's going to fit this in around the Shakespeare and what's left of Doctor Who is anyone's guess. He's a busy bunny. Me? I'm excited to see who we'll have in 2010. No matter what the pundits say, with a new producer, main writer and now actor, series five is bound to have a different feel. Whilst we're on the subject:

Sylvester McCoy on Doctors.
... mostly sending himself up. It's like a Whoniverse Lead Balloon.

This is Dubai
"Dubai is a city of extremes and wealth has a lot to do with it. On one hand: rich Emirati kids driving their Lamborghinis to university. On the other: hundreds of low wage workers queuing at the Bur Dubai bus station on a Friday evening, being beaten back by the crowd controllers. That's putting things too simply, but how else would you?"

Who Ya Gonna Call? Hopefully, These Ladies
Bustin' makes me feel good, indeed. I think what makes this really work is the Mr Staw Puffed.

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Matthew Rudd said...

I always get confused between Debra Winger and Deborah Shelton, because the latter was a dark-eyed bit of American scrumptiousness who played Mandy Winger ("that Winger tramp!") in Dallas, one of JR's floozies.