I let it sink in for a moment.

I haven't used my mobile phone since cancelling my cards last Tuesday. The replacements are yet to arrive and as far as I could tell there was no other way to get credit onto the thing. Desperate to be connected to the voice world again, I strolled into an Orange shop today and asked the following question:
"Can I top up my mobile phone using cash somehow?"
"Well I could sell you a voucher." Said the man in black shirt.
I let it sink in for a moment. I always used to use vouchers. It says on the automated top up services 'press 2 to top up using a voucher'. How could I forget or ignore this? Sometimes I think the left and right sides of my brain have had a disagreement and I'm experiencing the fall out. Some unrelated questions:

What are you thinking Kelly Reilly?

And you Wahlberg?

Why can't the Sugababes be more like the All Saints?

Why can't all oddball celebrity child names be this clever?

Do they use dictionary themed toilet paper at the Grove?

What has Stephen Fry been putting himself through?

How does this work?

Why do so many evangelical teenagers become pregnant?

Why won't the government leave us alone for two seconds?

How easy would it be to send someone the other way?

How come this didn't take off here?

Is this it?

Why worry?


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