Unseen Liverpool.com City Links column

Liverpool Life There wasn't room for my City Links column in the November 2008 issue of Liverpool.com magazine, but I have permission to publish it here instead.

Liverpool Architecture: Archi-tours
Archi-tours offers an interactive walk through the city offering short but detailed explanations of some our greatest buildings. It’s no replacement for
the local Pevsner guide, but it is sleekly designed and an excellent way of quickly showing visitors the sheer quality of architecture that the city enjoys.

Hovis Commercial filmed in Liverpool
You can see that range of different buildings in Hovis’s new television advert which was lensed in and around Liverpool. It’s online now at the breadmaker’s website. See if you can spot the locations in an epic film that manages to show the city’s last century in just over two minutes. Amazing.

The Liverpool Lantern Company
The Liverpool Lantern Company are the group behind the amazing light sculptures which grace Sefton Park each Halloween. They’re gearing up for the next parade but in the meantime, here, you can find video of their previous creations and news of upcoming events.

Liverpool-based Thunderchunky highlights cool design concepts from inside and outside the city. Writing since 2003, the blog’s four authors Jon, Mike, Stephen and Zotos63 also interview illustrators about their work, including Buck who’s contributing designs to the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

Liverpool Astronomical Society
As the nights draw in, weather and light pollution permitting we’ll all have a better view of the night sky. The Liverpool Astronomical Society’s website is a good place to look for information on the best places to look. If your interests are further afield, Liverpool’s own telescope can look to the cosmos.

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