breadth of love's reach

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MetaFilter: Wikipedia Names Your Band.
The fifty random album lucky dip bags from Vinyl Exchange in Manchester are filled with releases just like this (see above).

Life, Doctor Who & Combom: Steven Moffats letter read by Paul Cornell @ Gallifrey One 2009
"If anyone asks I'm honestly not being a snob because I've gone all showrunner..."

GreenCine Daily: The New Depression Cinema
I'm always amazed when some critics and business analysts trumpet the idea that the Hollywood system doesn't exist any more; though that's theoretically the case, as the article demonstrates, the production line mentality still exists. Films are still developed around genres and stars even if the genre is mumblecore or the star is Ellen Page -- they have to be for marketing purposes and especially now that the audience is so fragmented. The problem these days is that whereas in the 30s, cinema was still developing and innovation was still happening even in the likes of quota quickies, processes have stagnated and cliches abound even in what purports to be independent cinema. It's amazing that anything of worth is still being produced.

World's Shortest Escalator
There's a similar one at the Arndale Centre in Manchester, if just slightly longer. I didn't know you could buy them made to measure. Also, I seem to have Manchester on my mind a lot today.

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