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People Aah, it's The Guardian's annual interview with Alexa Chung. Last year, Laura Barton talked to her about her new show Vanity Lair (which was on the old, not quite so youfful version of BBC Three). This time, it's with Jess Cartner-Morley on photography and modelling:
Chung would like to move to the other side of the lens, as a reportage photographer. She has a photograph in an exhibition soon, and though she is smart enough to realise that "at the moment people are interested mainly because of who I am", she is hoping to move beyond that. "I'm interested in aesthetics, in the way things look, in finding something in an image that maybe people haven't seen."
This is a good fun piece of writing, with a nice pay-off. But like the previous interview, there's still no escaping the similarity (that I noted last time) with The Guardian's own parody of these kinds of stories, published in 2002, which deconstructed the formula so accurately that I'm sure there are still people who thought Harmony Cousins existed.

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