my ability to remember names

Science The news that there's a long hours link to dementia risk explains lots of things. Lately, I have been experiencing issues with my short term memory and my ability to remember names. Everything seems to be on the tip of my tongue and sometimes my sentences have resembled the epics which Ross endures on FRIENDS were I'm grasping for that ... name ... or ... word, often turning into a human thesaurus as various synonyms scatter about until I sometimes get the phrase I'm searching for.

I'd originally put this down to ageing(even though I'm 'only' 34) but in the various articles I've seen about this, the descriptions of what constitutes 'work' have been fairly nebulous. Some of us, probably, engage in work-like activities, such as sitting in front of a computer screen for long stretches, reading and writing and even though there's music in background perhaps and snacks, I'm not sure that our bodies can instinctively tell the difference. Worrying and probably and indication that some of us need to get out even more.

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