breezily speculated

Music Remember when I breezily speculated that if Spotify ever went portable it could kill the mp3 industry?


Recent iPhone adverts have been trumpeting a Last.FM application but this is bigger since rather than simply recommending things and making it rather difficult for you to listen to a whole album, the functionality is essentially iTunes but you don't own the music because you don't have to. It won't be that easy of course. As Wired suggest in the linked article, Apple could block the application, and it all depends on the cost of an internet connection.

But prices are coming down and when Spotify leaves beta, it would be a smart move to ally itself with mobile phone companies who'd be pleased to add their functionality to the range of stuff their technology can already do. Imagine a Spotify branded phone in a lovely green box on the shelf in Carphone Warehouse, with as part of the contract, an ad-free subscription deal that covers their desktop application and their mobile.

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