call myself a film fan

Film I have an confession to make. I didn't watch the Baftas on television last week. I know, call myself a film fan. But I have an uneasy relationship with these awards ceremonies at the best of times. It's hardly ever the best film, because the best film is never nominated. The actors and actresses never come off as anything but smug. The proper craftsmen are always shunted around and not given enough 'thanking time' even though they do most of the work. The presenters generally generate nothing but nervous laughter from the audience unless they're Stephen Fry.

Sometimes I find all of this charming and revel in the sheer ghastliness of it all but last week I wasn't in the mood. Plus I hadn't seen most of the films and didn't fancy having to mute the sound every five minutes so that nothing was spoiled. Much better to viceriouslty soak up the atmosphere of the event from the post-ceremony reports like this charming one from Andrew Collins, who was covering the show for Bafta itself interviewing the winners. He's not seen the tv coverage either -- though having actually been there, he's probably got an excuse. The full set of his interviews are here.

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