several dozen haircuts

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (Abridged)
Seven seasons in three minutes and twenty seconds underscored by the William Tell Overture. Once I've finished rewatching FRIENDS (only eight and a half seasons several dozen haircuts to go) I know now where I'll be spending some time.

After a two-year impasse, National Gallery and Tate renew agreement on historical boundaries
Bless. This reminds me of the Steptoe and Son episode where they drew a line down the middle of the flat and then realised that someone might need to use the toilet.

Watch as TV ends
400 local TV stations in the US turned off their analog signal last night, so many in facet that a performance artist in Orlando decided to make an event of it by pulling some televisions together, gathered some friends and made a party of it. This'll be what's happening in Granadaland in the not too distant future.

Firefox Add-ons: Spotify Search
Adds a search option to the right click menu so that you can search spotify from any page. Wow.

BBC News Radar
Refreshes with items other parts of the website cannot reach.

Liveblog: Brits 2009
No Rock and Roll Fun covers the festival of music I missed due to watching Clint Eastwood's Letters From Iwo Jima. On the basis of this I think I made the better choice. Sounds ghastly: "Fearne has got Jamies Oliver and Cullum backstage. "Duffy won't win best British Male" snorts Cullum - a gag Alison Moyet first did back when this was part of Nationwide."

David Harewood to join BBC1's Robin Hood as Friar Tuck
So not Matt Lucas then. Really, an excellent choice with the show once again not going anywhere near traditional expectations. Must get around to watching the second series...

Tube Photo of the Week
Whenever I visit London, I always seem to get on with fellow passengers with my well timed pleases and thank-yous and apologies. Perhaps I've just been lucky.

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