clear as mustard

Journalism I was just reading this blog post at The Guardian's Comment Is Free blog and noticed the mixed up terminology in this sentence:
"He launched a furious denial on his blog which met an equally spirited blog from Cohen, in which he admitted to sharing Maher's "contempt" for the Fabians."
The word 'blog' is being used both to describe the blog itself and an item on the blog or blog post. I've talked before about this and why this is wrong (and Meg Pickard has this handy chart) and was about to fire off an email to the reader's editor before realising that it was written by the reader's editor. I decided to check The Guardian's own style guide instead:
blog (noun) collection of articles, (verb) action of publishing an article to the blog: "I just blogged about that" post (noun) single article on blog, (verb) action of publishing an article to the blog: "I was going to post later" (also: blogpost)
Which is clear as mustard, but I think says that as far as The Guardian's concerned the word is being used correctly in the sentence above. I note it also apologetically adds an 'also' for 'blogpost' at the end.


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