never go out of fashion

People Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop was greeted with snorts of derision on launch but it's rapidly turned into one of my favourite reads. She's not really doing anything too much different to some bloggers -- especially Lifehacker -- writing about things which interest her and offering some tips along the way. She's just got a larger budget to play with and her friends happen to be in showbiz. So when she asks some people to offer some film suggestions they happen to be Steven Spielberg or Wes Anderson.

This week's post/newsletter is about rediscovering what's still fashionable in your wardrobe and actually includes shots of her wearing what are supposed to be her own old clothes which she's then selling off on ebay for charity. I know I'm not likely to wear nautical stripes any time soon it's a reminder that someone else dictates what fashion is and it's not always necessary to do what that someone else dictates. Plus, t-shirt and jeans never go out of fashion, so I'm OK.

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