on the platform

Things and stuff Lis has tasked her readers to suggest some Star Wars or things and stuff she might not have had a chance to do yet. Here's what I came up with:

an experience:
Standing on the platform of a local station as an inner city train shoots through roaring into the deafening noise, your hair untied and your arms out so that the wind nearly blows you over.

Happy Endings (Don Roos)
The Seventh Seal (Bergman)
Last Night (Don McKellar)
Stalker (Tarkovsky)
Solaris (either version, preferably both)
The Limey (Soderbergh)
Martha Meet Frank Daniel and Lawrence (Nick Hamm)

Prozac Nation (Elizabeth Wurtzel) (my review)
Are You Dave Gorman? (Dave Gorman) (my review)
To The Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf)
The Dying Days (Lance Parkin) (free ebook here)

Symphony No. 3 (Aaron Copland)
Ghetto Style (Gil Scott Heron)
quelqu'un m'a dit (Carla Bruni)

That was off the top of my head trying not to think about it too much.

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