at the drummer's own wedding

Music Last year during the mystery music month I wrote about Airhead's Funny How and lamented its obscurity, my only copy a recording from a MW radio broadcast. It leapt back into my brain tonight when I tried out and beat Lyric Rat, a song search engine,. The rat hasn't heard of it. Which then led me to check YouTube, where I found this:

A video of the band playing the song live at the drummer's own wedding. The tempo has slowed but the sound is still there. Further research reveals their myspace page, with Airhead streaming. Having heard the off-air version so many times, my brain somehow misses the electromagnetic interference caused by our tower block lift going up and down.

There's also a petition to get the album (including Funny How) rereleased which already has 691 signatures and I think we should all sign. I've now decided I need a cleaner copy.

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