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Little Boot's new single is Remedy, which I think is the most exciting dance record of the year and the reason I probably think that is because it seems to be designed specifically for the kinds of people who wouldn't typically listen to dance music and don't know how to dance to it. In other words, the crowd at this live show:

Boots is working really very hard and a bloke at the front who is texting. Arse. Whenever I've seen Boots on television, like Duffy to some extent, she's never quite managed to capture the spark of the record. Thanks to YouTube I can now see that in fact Boots is great live, even if this audience doesn't think so. A typical television appearance can be found in a clip from Later With Jools Holland:

Here, she hasn't quite decided on how to do her music on television yet. Her vocal's a bit scrappy and she doesn't seem to know what to do with herself, shifting back and forth from the keyboard. But Boots does have bags of screen presence and it must be horrendous even attempting to sing live a record with so many vocal repetitions. If only she could somehow bring the person who turned up in Manchester that night to television.

Finally she has. Witness GMtv yesterday morning. Notice that she's moved the keyboard closer:

PopJustice think this is her best tv performance yet. And they're right.

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