Doesn't feature much different from what we've heard before

  • Anna Pickard's excellent Comic-Con dispatches: "While some of us spent most of the day with a large sleeping gentleman dribbling on our shoulder on one side and a lady eating jerky with her mouth open on the other; there were many other things happening around the San Diego convention centre."

  • Stephen's Dr Who script finally to enter production. Honestly. "There is no clue as to the title of the story, nor the precise location of the scene. All it is possible to surmise is that it appears to be a conversation between two people, Dr Who and the Black Guardian."

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum's 1998 critique of the AFI's list of the "best" 100 US films of all time. Sadly he doesn't also tell us which films from the past ten years he might add.

  • There have been two albums apparently. Plenty to choose from…

  • Intelligent piece. Doesn't feature much different from what we've heard before, but it makes a change to hear him talking about Doctor Who and that other thing with the thing. Plus can you believe: Russell T. Davies interviewed by The AV Club.

  • Good to have a preview of what Marcus's spot is going to be ahead of schedule.

  • … which basically branded Richard Herring a racist. I love The Guardian. But sometimes it makes me grind my teeth so much, my fillings might fall out. Someone get Siobhan Butterworth on the phone.

  • The Daily Mail wonders why it's readership might be stressed out. Here are a few suggestions …

  • Long range Star Trek fans will remember ion engines being chatted about in spin-off novels and books in the 90s. Warp drives the century after next then?

  • And the answer seems to be "Yes, well no, well maybe. Listen …"

  • Gawker asks Wurtzel and her answer seems to be: "Yes, well no, well maybe. Listen …"
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