entirely shameless

About I've been meaning to write something about this for days but seeing a similar post on a couple of other blogs has spurned me on. Let's call this:

The Pluggers Manifesto.

Recently you might have noticed I've been posting a few press releases around these parts, offered the odd competition. In the past few weeks, perhaps months, I've had an upswing of emails from PR companies asking me to talk about their client's wares and events on the blog. I'm not sure why, but it's nice to see the smaerter companies embracing social networking and amateur media.

The few that I've posted I've been happy to because there's been something interesting and unique about them or they've been for charity. But there have been others which I've ignored, mostly because they've either fundamentally misunderstood what the blog is about (if indeed it's about anything) or I couldn't see what was in it for me or you.

I could say something sarcastic about that, at length, but instead I thought I'd be entirely shameless and actually suggest what I will write about:

(1) Films. I love films. I have a degree in them. And television. Music and books. If you send me any of those kinds of things I promise write about them on the blog if I like them. Anything will do.

(2) Gadgets too.

(3) If you have a new exhibition or theatre production opening I'd love to write about that too (see below), particularly if it's in the area (Liverpool, Manchester and places between), especially if you invite me to the private view or press night (told you this was shameless).

(4) Causes are good too.

Essentially, to a large extent, what Rachel said. I'd quite like a digital picture frame. See (2) above.

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