Sugababes reunion news

Music JFK's Jim Garrison here again with this evening's Sugababes reunion news:

-- Keisha denies that there is going to be a reunion. Categorically. According to her management.

-- Various reports and rumours on what this original reunion line-up will look like. Contrary to what you'd expect it might not be Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan. Little Boots apparently says she'd like to be a member:
"She said: "They could call themselves The Real Sugababes. It would knock the current Sugababes out of the water.
"If one wasn't up for it, I could be the blonde one."
The same syndicated bit of writing is on a few websites, but none of them are forthcoming with the original source for the quote. I tweeted Little Boots about it earlier (on the off chance that she was the Donald Southerland's X figure in all this) but got no reply (unsurprisingly). She mentions being on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I wonder if it was a joke from that.

-- The more "interesting" story -- which I've only seen in one place, this place (and linked all over Twitter), Zoe Griffin Party Princess, which offers the following contradiction in terms:
"A source told me that Mutya Buena has approached Rachel Adedeji to join the reformed Sugababes."
Then goes on to suggest that this reformed group would be Mutya, Siobhan and this ex-X Factor singer. Which still isn't the Sugababes. But then, as Simon just pointed out to me on Twitter, at this point they're in a constant state of flux.

Ultimately, it's become difficult to know who the Sugababes are any more.

Perhaps we all are. We just don't know it.

And while we're at it, Heidi still respects Keisha,Jade is scared of Keisha and Amelle is out of hospital and presumably has some opinion of Keisha which has yet to be turned into a headline.

Now, here's the obligatory YouTube video. Snow Patrol covering About You Now:

"Back, and to the left... back, and to the left... back, and to the left. "

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