split and reform

Music "The original Sugababes are reforming!"
"Oh no they're not."
"Oh. Really?"

At this point anything is possible, though there are a lot of hoops to jump through, not least Keisha's current contract and the record she's currently recording according to her Twitter feed. To record one record and then have your vocals dumped would be considered bad luck -- for it to happen twice?

The originating website of the rumour, HolyMoly posts anonymously and don't give a source, but it has been going since 2002 which is plenty of time to build up a half-decent set of contacts. The denial from Warners featured at The Guardian is vague enough to mean anything:
""We haven't seen them here or heard anything about it. I don't think they've got the story right."
Which could just as well be "They're meeting in an office somewhere else and we don't know what's being said yet. I don't think they've got some aspects of the story right." Interestingly most of the comments I've seen on the different posted versions of the story I've seen online feature someone talking up Siobhan's 2007 album "Ghosts" as some lost masterpiece, though perhaps the most perceptive is the single one, so far, at Idolitor:
"Wasn’t Keisha sort of a bitch to Siobhan the whole time they were together? Does Siobhan really want to go there?"
As I said, a lot of hoops to jump through.

I love that it took two journalists from The Guardian to fact check and write that little story. Swash and Jonze are turning into the Woodward and Bernstein of the Sugababes's split and reform. I appear to be the Jim Garrison writing these wild theories late into the night. As the Costner version of him said in JFK:
"The FBI says they can prove it through physics in a nuclear laboratory. Of course they can prove it. Theoretical physics can also prove that an elephant can hang off a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy! But use your eyes, your common sense. "


Anonymous said...

I think people are 'slightly' ott about Siobhan's solo output. It was quite nice. END.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

I just think it's interesting that consider both releases where given zero publicity how many people have heard both and are able to give comment.

Example: Revolution In Me was good. Ghosts was stellar.