Review 2009: Call For Entries

Subjectively Speaking

It’s that time of year again.

This year’s review is about communication.

Arguably, in online terms, 2009 has been the year of twitter. I won’t bother reiterating the numerous ways that the service has impacted on the real world, especially since The Guardian’s dedicated page does a pretty good job of cataloguing the tweets and turns, but with apparently one in five people online signed up to the service there’s no denying its impact has been immense. Use a client like Tweetdeck and it’s like entering a global cocktail party which buzzes with chatter, a free for all of comment and conversation and jokes. Plenty of jokes.

In this year when communication barriers have broken down to such a significant degree thanks to social networking, I want Review 2009 to reflect that, and so here is what I suggest:

At an appointed time the two of us will meet; hopefully on Twitter, but this could happen on Facebook, via email, ICQ/AIM, a discussion board, the gate-crashed comments section of someone’s blog or even in person (eep!). Much better if it’s in public I think since it adds some extra random elements and also means we’ll tend to stay in publishable areas.

You will choose a topic for us to talk about. Could be anything, literally anything. An interest, a current news story, a book you just read, a favourite film, something personal you want to get off your chest, doesn’t matter. And then we’ll talk about it for as long as we have, for as long as seems necessary, and then I’ll post the results on this blog.

And here’s the twist. I won’t know what the topic is beforehand.

People tell me that I have the ability to talk about anything and I like to think that I’m interested in anything. I want to put that to the test. I expect I’ll be surprised, I expect I’ll be put on the back foot, and I actually hope that happens. But I won’t know what the subject is until you tell me at the start of the meeting.

How does that sound?

If you’re interested do please email me at

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