Film Fans of the Kermode and Mayo film podcast always enjoy Mark's breathless impression of Danny Dyer. I've always wondered what Dyer himself thinks of it ("Errrraaarrroooo"). No longer thanks to Matthew Bell in The Independent:
"One person he does upset is the film critic Mark Kermode, whose rant against Danny Dy-aaa on Radio 5 Live (relating to his appearance in the film Pimp) has become a YouTube hit. In it, he mocks Dyer's Cockney accent and writes off his films as atrocious. Does this hurt him? "I'm a human being, of course it upsets me." But perhaps it particularly touches a nerve because Dyer knows he has helped create a persona that undermines his credentials as a serious actor. "Mark Kermode thinks I'm some two-bob actor who does two-bob films for no money, who just walks about with a swagger. When actually I'm a serious fucking actor." Do people misunderstand him? "Yes. And I think I'm to blame for that."
He'd best not read the comments underneath the interview either then. And I thought the black riders of The Guardian's Comment Is Free were vicious.

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