"the train home on Friday evening"

TV It's very easy to laugh at technical failure, and how we did on the day of the most recent royal wedding when reporter Jake Humphrey attempted to broadcast from the interior of one of the RAF planes flying over Buckingham Palace, few precious moments of screentime before the video feed shut down. But as he explains here, it was the anticlimactic end of most exciting days of his life:
Despite delivering my lines three times, things conspired against us and we weren't able to deliver what would have been an epic part of the BBC's royal wedding coverage, much to my frustration and sadness.

However, as the well known biblical phrase goes, "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away."

I think that line sums up exactly how I felt as I collapsed into my seat on the train home on Friday evening.

I was so frustrated that we weren't able to deliver our side of the bargain.
I feel a bit guilty now.

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