"for which groups of men?"

TV Monday's post at The Guardian about a horrific answer on Channel 4's Million Pound Drop has spawned acres of similar wrong headedness in comments from other quizzes:
University Challenge in 2000:

Paxman: "The names 'Cheesemongers', 'CherryPickers', 'Bob's Own', 'The Emperor's Chambermaids' and 'The Immortals' are or have been used for which groups of men?"

Contestant: "Homosexuals?"


From Weakest Link...

Q: Which surname is shared by a real cowboy called Butch and a fictional one called Hopalong?

A: Lesbian


Worked on Going for Gold years ago.... best answer was
"What is the name of the fish in the 19xx film starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis?"
A: Jaws?

The camera was bobbing, as the operator laughed so much.
There are hundreds of others here.  For such reasons I've stopped being able to watch most quiz programmes apart from the determinately pretentious Only Connect ("Horned viper, please.")  I know I should find all of this ignorance amusing but I'm a melancholic so it just makes me depressed about the future of the human race and culture's place within it [via].

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