"the world of Gondal"

Literature SFX posts a press release publicising the Science Fiction exhibition at the British Library which is really extraordinary. Once you've read this first paragraph you will be clicking:
"In their childhood, Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne Brontë created imaginary countries collectively called the Glass Town Federation. Branwell and Charlotte invented the kingdom of Angria, while Emily and Anne created the world of Gondal. They became obsessive about their imaginary worlds, drawing maps and creating lives for their characters and featured themselves as the “gods” (“genii”) of their world. Their stories are in tiny micro-script, as if written by their miniature toy soldiers."
So in their youth, the Bronte sisters were creating the kinds of imaginary worlds we all do at that age, feeding off the genre fiction they were themselves consuming. Imagine how the landscape of literature might have changed if they'd properly continued that obsession into adulthood.

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