"But where are people expected to go?"

Economy Jade Wright in the Liverpool Echo encapsulates the obscenity of politicians who've never had to worry about money making value judgements about constituents who're reliant on their kindness:
"Housing Benefit is next on the list. The Welfare Reform Bill says people living in social housing with one spare room can expect to lose £11 a week. Boys and girls will have to share a room up to the age of nine, and children of the same sex will share until they are 15. But where are people expected to go?

Housing waiting lists are longer than ever, and one and two bedroom properties are most in demand. Welfare minister Lord Freud says that a spare bedroom is a luxury the country can no longer afford. I wonder how many spare rooms he has?
Last week on Question Time, Ian Duncan-Smith said that "we" need to break the "the culture of entitlement and dependency" amongst the poor.  Until he understands the irony of what he's saying, and feels unable to say it about his parliamentary colleagues on both sides of the house, this is something which won't change.

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