The Oxford Paragraphs: Introduction.

Books In an effort to widen my exposure to literature beyond Elizabethan and Jacobian classical drama I’ve begun collecting the Oxford World's Classics, picking up copies in used bookstores, charity shops and ebay with the plan to read them in the order of purchase and utilising an Amazon wish list to keep track of the books I'm still looking for (or in case anyone is in a benevolent mood). With almost all of literature available, and me being the king of indecision, I wanted to introduce a random element, so I’m only buying the very latest edition both because I like the simplicity of the cover design and because they’re relatively new and so rarer and more of a challenge to find.  After completing each, I'll create a virtual milestone by posting a short review here, of about a hundred and fifty words.  A single, totemic paragraph.  Like this one.

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