"we ask folks to bring books back when they’re done"

Books The Occupy movement in Boston have set up an "autonomous" library. Its engine is something we seem to be able to count on less and less. Trust. Jessamyn West interviews the founder:
"All honor system :) . We do have a check out process (visitors write title of book and date checked out on index card), and we ask folks to bring books back when they’re done. It is most important to get the information out there as far as I’m concerned, rather than get too too hung up on who is borrowing what and for how long. There are several valued books that we’ve nominated for reference only that do not leave the library – such as the Occupy Boston documents binder, or a particular edition of Howard Zinn’s People’s History for example (though we have multiple copies of that to circulate, courtesy of a man who read of the Boston library in the NYT)."

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